Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Music is what I'm build from. Never did anyone think music was my life, but i was born wit the rythm of music in my blood. I love all types of music. I also love to sing and dance. I hope bye JULY of 2012 I will be attending FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY. FULL SAIL is my dream college. I wanna study music management. I want to be able to help underground artist come out and speak to the world. As i succeed in my career I want to run my own businesses. I wanna be able to proved a fun and healthy place for teenagers to have fun; like teenage clubs, I also want to open regluar clubs and dance studios. Another thing i want to have is a track for legal street racing. So i have a dream and it all has to do with music. :D

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This young man is very talented. He didn't find the talent of ability to write raps when he was 15 and he started rapping till he was 16. This young man has been through so much and he would express that in his writing. This young man's is known as ATA. As I was part of his life when he began to rap, he always doubted himself. I always told him he was good, that he can become better but all he needed to do is work hard. For a year he would just write, never had recorded anything. I think one of his goals was to one day be able to get studio time. Now ATA is doing it big and is soon to be signed. He finally got time to record his first song called "Heavenly Flo." The song Heavenly Flo is very unique in everyway. The way it starts is very nice and once it hits to the action it just sound real good too. As I enjoy listenin to ATA song I would love for you guys to enjoy to. If you want to enjoy his song please click here. Please follow ATA on Twitter @Materialistic_A.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As new talents are being shown, C-Spade is showing his too. C-Spade came out with his latest Mixtape, "Flush Royale." In this Mixtape C-Spade sure puts his card on the table. I believe he has talent and I'm hoping his next MIxtape comes out better than this one. As C-Spade has notified me that the next Mixtape will be better and long. He claims that it will be like 2 whole cds for one Mixtape. As I'm enjoying this Mixtape now, I hope you enjoy it too.
* To enjoy C-Spade Mixtape Flush Royale Please click here.

Mixtape Tracks
  • 1.- Track 1 - Intro
  • 2.- Track 2 - Straight Cash Freestyle
  • 3.- Track 3 - Turn My Swag On Freestyle
  • 4.- Track 4 - Shut Ya Bloodclot Mouth Freestyle
  • 5.- Track 5 - Why They Freestyle
  • 6.- Track 6 - Grind Hustle
  • 7.- Track 7 - Lollipop - Phone Home Freestyle
  • 8.- Track 8 - Something Epic Freestyle
  • 9.- Track 9 - Shoot Niggas Freestyle
  • 10.- Track 10 - Goon To A Goblin Freestyle
  • 11.- Track 11 - Child Of The Ghetto Freestyle
  • 12.- Track 12 - Dey Know Freestyle
  • 13.- Track 13 - We On Freestyle
  • 14.- Track 14 - Sweet Freestyle
  • -15. Track 15 - Pop It Like A Tagg Snippit

Friday, December 24, 2010


Amazing artist coming out with unique beats and a different style. Lets learn more about how iLL-iTERACY came together.
Ill-iteracy Biography

"Each born in Roanoke "Star City",VA. iLL-iteracy's members developed affinities for music early in their lives. Whether it was jam sessions in the basement or rocking the crowd at their high school football games, their talent and love for all things instrumental was obvious. The group was officially formed circa 1998, but have known each other since about the age of six. Beginning with tee-ball, the members had a close friendship with each other that only seemed to grow stronger as time went by. This is a fact that many people find intriguing, as not too many people tend to have one best friend for so long, let alone an entourage of them.
The group was formed in the Dudley Basement, which was only a half mile away from William Fleming High School where they all attended. Honors classes, magnet programs, and an enthusiastic approach to learning undoubtedly had an effect on their appreciation for the art of music. After school, each of the members would gather around a computer, a base-model plastic computer microphone, and a technologically inferior recording program just for kicks. There was no mission in mind; no money-making scheme... There was just music.
The members of iLL-iteracy are Scott Dudley - "Chris Prythm", Kirk Dudley - "Speek Eazy", Corey English - "WiLL Spitwell", and George Trent - "Young Observe". Now operating under the witty moniker "iLL-iteracy," they site influences such as God, each other, Roanoke City, prayerful mothers, scornful fathers, the loss of loved ones, and all the typical conditions that define an inner-city. Their sound is inspirational but far from ignorantly blissful and their musical arsenal ranges from upbeat anthems to thought provoking, more conscious selections.
'iLL-it' shows no indication of slowing down nor do they appear to be fatigued in spite of working day-jobs, earning college degrees, and managing families. The phrase "due time" undoubtedly comes to mind when you factor in that the team writes, records and mixes all their own music. The group's determination shines through more recent ventures including "iLL-it Beatz," an integral section of the official website ( that was created from beginning to end by Speek Eazy and Chris Prythm. "iLL-it Beatz" showcases and makes available quality, custom-fitted tracks for other artists to use in further sharpening of their respective crafts. In an industry where 'one-hit-wonders' are prevalent, the individuals that make up iLL-iteracy are bound and determined to be anything but. They continue to develop their skills on both the artist/producer and executive sides of the business in preparation for the opportunity that most never get. But that's the motivation that pushes them harder and fuels the hunger that so many others lack. A group holding no limits, versatile with the ability to mesh with any genre, not following 'hype' or others, just the love and passion to make riLL music."
 If you want to listen to there music check out there website . You can also chck out their music on youtube . Also if u have a facebook press the LIKE button on their Facebook and last ut not least FOLLOW them on TWITTER!!!!!

Rememeber that if you want to be feature in my blog all yu have to to send me music to my email from there i will see if you are elegable.

Monday, December 20, 2010


The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac

"Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared."

My Refelction:
The Unknown Mother

"Coming from a wound thats suppose to be a mother. Gave life to a blessing in the world, but left her blessing. for most or her childs' life he was left alone. His mother wasn't there to teach him how to walk. She didn't place that example he wishes he had. As this child grows a day at a time, and learns by observing. As this rose grew day by day, he became his own person. No one ever cared nor watered him, he had to go on his own, and depend on no one. As long as he lived he did the best he could, he was the best he could have been. As no one showed him love, he lived cold hearted. As he's gone, now everyone misses him, but why now and not before? When he was here breathing the same air as everyone else. Something so beautiful was left and grew from a crack in the concrete to become the best that he can. He was real, eventhough sometimes he was wrong. He would always stick to his word. This world had it good, but someone just happened to pass by and distroyed the beginning of many, the leader and reason for those beginnings."
By Itzel Perez

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prada Swag

Here we have Miss Prada Swag doing her thing with her new single "Imma Dime Diva." As we know Miss Prada here is a diva, she's always working real hard to get her music better than ever. this is from me to Prada, "I love your song. This song is so you and your swag. I like how you just do you and don't be a fake in your music. Keep up the good work and i will always be a great fan." Everyone please check out her Youtube video by clicking here. To download her new single please click here. I hope you all enjoy like I do. Support Prada Swag and follow here on Twitter @Pradaswag and visit her Myspace page

Thursday, August 26, 2010


These 2 good looking guys are Lyriq and Commando aka. B.X.C. These guys are amazing. For like about 2 months I been in love with one of their old songs called, "High School Love" and till today i found out that song is 6 years old. That old song is not old to anyone who listen to it because it applies to all the high school "Love Birds." It's all in the high school experience. I listened to their new single called, "Kiss Ur Girlfriend" and they're still amazing artist that talk about what happens in real life. I love them because their music makes me think about everything in life and how things are just the way they are. There new single talks about kissing a young lady at a party that was already taken. They ended up falling in love with each other... now u go on youtube and listen to the snippet of "kiss ur girlfriend" and listen to the rest. Now I support B.X.C to the fullest and I wanna give a shoutout to all of those who support and love B.X.C. He is there bio. I hope you enjoy learning more about them. "The south side of Chicago has blessed the industry with a dynamic duo that brings an intense lyrical technique and a powerful expression of what forms B.X.C. Officially endorsed into the game by Ludacris, B.X.C. has now been signed to Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam. Alex "Lyriq" Cottrell and Willie "Commando" Stanfield, dubbed "B.X.C" are undoubtedly ready to take the game over by creating a musical phenomenon that will bring a unique style of hip-hop to the music industry. Anyone who witnesses the duo’s electrifying, high powered music and performances will realize that Lyriq and Commando have a rare compassion, motivation, and desire for extreme success… B.X.C seeks to push the envelope of their generation by expressing a unique style to music that touches the hearts of many while at the same time expanding their horizons to make an impact on society and create a union between music and life. Commando knows there’s “more to life than the illusions of chains, diamonds and money, but wouldn’t mind having all three.” It’s this balance that keeps him grounded and in attack mode when it comes to his style of rapping. Lyriq is grounded in his family upbringing, which he sites as the motivation that he uses to put the pen to the pad. In B.X.C’s short time on the music scene they’ve worked with artist such as Ludacris, T-Pain, Bobby Valentino, DJ Infamous, Twista, Shawnna, and many others. The duo has been featured on Disturbing Tha Peace’s “Strength in Numbers” in 2007 ["Windy City" - B.X.C, Shawnna, and Ludacris]. Other featured music includes: “In Love Wit The Music” - B.X.C ft. Twista, “Head Noddin’” - DJ Pharris ft. Ludacris & B.X.C. The duo has also been featured on Ludacris’, “The Preview” Gangsta Grillz Mixtape w/ DJ Drama with a track entitled “Get up Get Out”… B.X.C teamed up with DJ Nehpets to release their first official mix CD in 2008 entitled, The Intro, which is currently circulating the streets, and is available for free download on B.X.C is currently in the studio working on their debut album, entitled, Young & Restless, which will be in stores soon…" Everyone follow them on Twitter @BXCMUSIC.